time to be happy at work (1st of the series)

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“Studies have shown that the majority of people hate their job. When you factor in eight hour days with the average lifespan, that means that an awful lot of people are spending something like 88,200 hours doing something they hate.”     -(Bryan Alaspa)

The article I read goes on to say that being happy at work can mean more confidence, more energy and obviously, better performance ratings.  When we’re not happy about work, the author says, all we do is sit around thinking about quitting.  Sound familiar?  Once we join the “work sucks” club, we go into desperation mode.  That is when we get sick and tired and the next thing you know, we’re making another bad decision in picking our next job.


So how do make it through this nasty cycle?  With unemployment rates being high and the economy being as bad as it is, it’s not wise to quit and there are not a lot of opportunities to even pick up part time work. Therefore, we have to learn how to maintain our sanity in a bad work environment.


There are seven ways I’ve discovered (through my own work nightmares) to take lemons and make lemonade.  Although they’re not scientific, they are backed by over 20 years of experience plus they are simple and effective.


Over the next seven days I will provide some jewels to get you through this time.  My hope is that we can find peace and contentment within our plight.  There is something to be gained in every situation and circumstance and we need to figure out what that something is. 


Stay tuned,


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